Copper Elephant charm earings
Copper and glass earrings

I often find that inspiration lurks in strange places. I was recently reading a romance novel by Dana Marie Bell (If you like supernatural romance, go check her out. I’ll wait!) in which the Viking Gods were alive and living in present day Philadelphia. This made me think about other pantheons and what they might be doing if they were living among us pretending to be human. I like to think that Ganesha would be a college professor in the sciences encouraging young scientists to new discoveries. In his off hours he’d go to gallery openings and bring attention to aspiring young artists.

Which brings me to the earrings pictured above. While I was thinking about what the gods would be doing, I came across these copper charms and decided I had to make at least earrings out of them, in honor of Ganesha’s place as an obstacle destroyer and patron of the arts and sciences.

Ganesha was always a favorite of mine, now I wonder if Coyote or Anansi are going to want their turns since they have also been the stars of some of my favorite stories. We’ll have wait and see!

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