Bet that’s not a word you expected to see on a jewelry designer’s blog. Bucubet I find it incredibly important to my work flow. Since I started working from home full time, I’ve been struggling with organization, both of my space and my time. Today I finally got the storage unit I needed to organize my space. Now all my paperwork is organized and in folders, my packaging is in one spot, my scale is handy to my printer, and all my paper and labels and things are tucked away where they won’t get dirty and won’t drive me up a tree!

As you can see, my space is rather limited. (It used to be my dining room) So organization is a must.desk

Next up is organizing my beads a little better. Right now I tend to pull out what I want to use, and then when I’m done with them shove them back in whatever box has an opening. I think I’m going to organize them in color groups and separate out the findings. Then I’ll probably spend the next week trying to figure out where I put everything! 😀

In the meantime I’ll have new designs coming out over the next few weeks, but I also need to concentrate on making enough to take to craft shows so there may be fewer new designs than usual.

See you later!



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