I lost an entire day today to organization. That’s the real kicker of being organized, you have to put in the effort at the start to create a process, or somewhere down the road you’re going to have to spend a lot more time and effort organizing the chaos you’ve created to make it into a functioning system.

I went from having a few random fat quarters of fabric to having an amazing collection of full and half yards in a short period of time. Add to that the fact that my workspace is in the middle of the main living area of my apartment and you get an organizational nightmare. Not only does my space need to be organized for me to do my work, which is now my sole source of money, but it needs to look good too.

My solution was to get a couple of cubical storage shelves, and toss everything into the fabric bins that fit inside. Which worked…poorly. Every time I needed a particular fabric, I had to rummage through all of them looking for it. In addition, I started keeping my most popular fabrics in a basket on my desk, which cut into my workspace. Enter a tip I had seen a million years ago, before I started sewing. I remembered it because it was clever, but I didn’t save it anywhere because it was irrelevant to knitting or jewelry making.

What was that tip, you ask? Get some hanging file frames, (I have two different ones here because I wanted to see what worked best, and they were not expensive) and buy some hanging files. Cut the bottom folds off the folders, and then fold your fabric over the top of each one, then hang it on the frame. Suddenly, all my fabrics are easily visible and accessible!

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