Visual Marketing

Last year when I first talked about opening my own business, my friend Tina Aitala Engblom, a talented graphic designer, created this cropped-logo_thistlecraft_color.jpglogo for me.  Since then I’ve used it on my website, my blog, business cards, post cards, and my Facebook page. I’ve printed stickers and used them to decorate my envelopes when sending purchases to my customers. Now that I’m planning on attending craft fairs, I decided I needed to up my packaging game. After all, you can have a really cute, one of a kind product, and if you don’t put any thought into your packaging, there’s a chance you’ll be passed over for someone else who knows that customers aren’t just buying your product, they’re buying idea of a boutique experience.

So with that in mind, I used Tina’s logo and Zazzle to create these adorabPackagingle necklace and earring cards. The simplicity of Tina’s logo allows the jewelry to shine, but at the same time draws attention to the name of my business. The back of the card has my phone number and e-mail address, the front of the card has my URL at the bottom. I’m pretty confident that my items will be eye catching and that my customers will remember me!

My sister also wants me to consider getting a table cover printed with my logo and one of those booth canopies also branded. I think it’s a good idea! Especially as I go to more and more shows, it will help repeat customers find me. Yes, I’m trying to be super confident that anyone who buys one of my pieces will want to buy more!

I would say that anyone who is starting their own business should definitely consider having a professional design your logo. I was very, very, very lucky that Tina is a friend and did it for me as a favor, but it would totally have been worth every single penny if she had charged me for it. Having a logo that is professionally designed shows that you are serious about what you’re doing. It also sets you apart from everyone else and is a chance to, in a single image, give an idea of who you are and what you do. And if you’re looking for a logo designer, I highly recommend reaching out to Tina!

Happy Fall!




Bet that’s not a word you expected to see on a jewelry designer’s blog. Bucubet I find it incredibly important to my work flow. Since I started working from home full time, I’ve been struggling with organization, both of my space and my time. Today I finally got the storage unit I needed to organize my space. Now all my paperwork is organized and in folders, my packaging is in one spot, my scale is handy to my printer, and all my paper and labels and things are tucked away where they won’t get dirty and won’t drive me up a tree!

As you can see, my space is rather limited. (It used to be my dining room) So organization is a must.desk

Next up is organizing my beads a little better. Right now I tend to pull out what I want to use, and then when I’m done with them shove them back in whatever box has an opening. I think I’m going to organize them in color groups and separate out the findings. Then I’ll probably spend the next week trying to figure out where I put everything! 😀

In the meantime I’ll have new designs coming out over the next few weeks, but I also need to concentrate on making enough to take to craft shows so there may be fewer new designs than usual.

See you later!





Copper Elephant charm earings
Copper and glass earrings

I often find that inspiration lurks in strange places. I was recently reading a romance novel by Dana Marie Bell (If you like supernatural romance, go check her out. I’ll wait!) in which the Viking Gods were alive and living in present day Philadelphia. This made me think about other pantheons and what they might be doing if they were living among us pretending to be human. I like to think that Ganesha would be a college professor in the sciences encouraging young scientists to new discoveries. In his off hours he’d go to gallery openings and bring attention to aspiring young artists.

Which brings me to the earrings pictured above. While I was thinking about what the gods would be doing, I came across these copper charms and decided I had to make at least earrings out of them, in honor of Ganesha’s place as an obstacle destroyer and patron of the arts and sciences.

Ganesha was always a favorite of mine, now I wonder if Coyote or Anansi are going to want their turns since they have also been the stars of some of my favorite stories. We’ll have wait and see!



2018-08-14 17.38.44

As a society, we talk a lot about beauty. What makes a woman beautiful? Why is one person more beautiful than another? What can we do, what products can we use, to make ourselves more beautiful?

The older I get, and the more people I meet, the more I understand the old adage that true beauty comes from within. The women who are deemed the most beautiful in the world are often not beautiful due to the regularity of their features or the precise shape of their bodies, but because they have a confidence in themselves and an inner light that shines through.

I often tell my friends that they are beautiful. I know many of them think I’m talking about their spirits or their minds, because women in general are are not taught to think of themselves as more than passably attractive lest we be considered vain.  But I do mean physically, as well as mentally and spiritually when I say my friends are beautiful. Because they are. Each and every one of them.

I challenge you to look at yourself this week, and try to see what I see when I look at you. Because I guarantee, you are beautiful too!


Cape May


When I was a child, this was generally the week my family went to Cape May New Jersey for vacation. If you’re not familiar with it, Cape May is a charming seaside resort that is like an architectural time capsule. There was a fire in 1878 that destroyed most of the town, causing a good bit of it to be rebuilt in the Victorian style. So, for me, seaside vacations are tinted in pinks and purples and teals, and shaped with fanciful swirls of gingerbread, turrets and widows walks, and wildly flowering gardens with images of women in long Victorian dresses. While my personal aesthetic is definitely not Victorian, I do still find myself drawn to these colors and shapes when I think of the sea.