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Creativity is a funny thing. I know many very creative people, who would tell you that they are not creative at all! I think we all contain a spark of genius that just needs the right fuel to blaze to life. For me, color has always been that fuel.

Hand me a box of crayons and I will immediately start playing with which colors go best together, and how to create different shades through varying pressure and mixing of colors. Set me loose in a yarn shop and I will have six projects mentally on the needles and $500 mentally spent before I’ve even left the first set of shelves. And beads. Oh the glory of beads in all their colors and shapes and styles. I have an entire box of white beads. Sounds boring on the face of it, but there are beads in ivory, pure white, ecru, silvery white, bone, etc. And they are seed beads, roundels, crystals, adorable little elephants, pearls, I could keep going but you get the picture.

Every time I get an idea for a set of jewelry, it starts with a color story. From there I move to textures and shapes. Finally I start laying the beads out and deciding how they should all relate to each other. I find the whole process to be meditative and peaceful.

For others, the fuel for creativity might look completely different. I know people who do woodworking and for some of them it’s all about the smell of the wood, the texture, and the trans-formative process of making something into something else. For others it’s about the semi-violent nature of wood working, cutting, pounding, and shaping. Nothing says that creativity has to be peaceful! By it’s very nature, transformation is often a violent process, and creativity is often about transforming one thing into another at it’s core.

Whether peaceful or violent, I do recommend exploring your own creative nature. You may think you don’t have it in you, but I promise you do. Your creativity will not look like mine, and mine will not look like anyone else’s. You may find that you express yourself by keeping a bullet journal (have you seen those? Some of them are down right incredible!) or by taking pictures of ordinary every day things. Your creativity may be expressed by making nourishing meals for your family, or by painting your fingernails in amazing ways. But until you try, you will never know what you are capable of, so get out there and rock out with your bad self!